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THOR Challenge 2019

15 Aug 2019
CRUNCHERS SANS FRONTIERES is sponsoring THOR Challenge 2019, a team crunching competition to benefit IBM World Community Grid. It will take place...

CMS@Home disruption, Monday 22nd July

17 Jul 2019
I've had the following notice from CERN/CMS IT: >> following the hypervisor reboot campaign, as announced by CERN IT here: https://cern....

Native ATLAS and Theory applications require a CVMFS configuration update

05 Jul 2019
Volunteers running ATLAS native and/or Theory native are kindly asked to update their local CVMFS configuration. Please see the following post for...

Server downtime

26 Jun 2019
Our BOINC servers were unavailable from 13:45 to 15:30 CET this afternoon due to a problem with a shared storage cluster. This explains possible...

BOINC@TACC article

26 Jun 2019
Check out For the Love of Science, a new article about the BOINC@TACC project at the Texas Advanced Computing Center.

BOINC web server failure

26 Jun 2019
The machine hosting the BOINC web site, and Science United, failed last Friday, just after everyone had left for the weekend. Fortunately we were...

killing extremely long SixTrack tasks

18 Jun 2019
Dear all, we had to kill ~10k WUs named: w-c*_job*__s__62.31_60.32__*__7__*_sixvf_boinc* due to a mismatch between the requested disk space and...

Using a local proxy to reduce network traffic for CMS

07 Jun 2019
Thanks to computezrmle, with additional work from Laurence and a couple of CMS experts (and my adding one line to the site-local-config file) there...

new exes for SixTrack 5.02.05

04 Jun 2019
Dear volunteers, we are pleased to announce the release to production (SixTrack app) of new exes for the current pro version (v5.02.05). We have...

2019 BOINC Pentathlon is over - a big thank you from the SixTrack team!

20 May 2019
Dear volunteers, the 2019 pentathlon is over, and we would like to thank all the participants for having crunched our tasks! We saw the BOINC CPU...

BOINC Pentathlon - Sixtrack sprint

15 May 2019
We are very grateful to have been chosen for the BOINC Pentathlon of SETI Germany over the next days. For this, the Sixtrack team has submitted a...

CMS -- Please set "no new tasks"

14 May 2019
Hi to all CMS-ers. We need to drain the job queue so that a new version of the WMAgent can be installed. Can you please set No New Tasks so that...

BOINC workshop agenda update

13 May 2019
The agenda for the upcoming BOINC workshop has been updated. View the agenda.

Database problems

13 May 2019
We are having database problems and have to schedule an intevention at 3:30pm UTC. More information to follow.

Native Theory Application (TheoryN) Released

13 May 2019
The Native Theory Application for Linux has moved out of Beta status and is now generally available. It is similar to the Native ATLAS application in...