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Server upgrade

30 Sep 2019
Following a couple of weeks of tests in the LHC@home development project, we are upgrading our production server cluster to BOINC server release 1.2...

The SixTrack team at the LHC@Home desk for the CERN open days

12 Sep 2019
Dear volunteers, thanks to those who have filled in the doodle we circulated last week:

Article on nanoHUB@Home

12 Sep 2019
Check out an article about nanoHUB@home, a BOINC project providing computing power to nanoscience researchers around the world.

BOINC: the planet-sized computer

09 Sep 2019
Check out The 42 Question Answered By Planet-Sized Computer, an article about math research using BOINC.

The SixTrack team welcomes the LHC@Home volunteers at the CERN open days

02 Sep 2019
Dear volunteers, following Nils's post on the MBs: the...

CERN Open Days in 2 weeks!

30 Aug 2019
During the CERN Open Days 2019, we will have a small LHC@home stand as part of the IT activities in building 504 near the Data Centre. LHC@home...

Many queued tasks - server status page erratic

21 Aug 2019
Due to the very high number of queued Sixtrack tasks, we have enabled 4 load-balanced scheduler/feeder servers to handle the demand. (Our bottleneck...

THOR Challenge 2019

15 Aug 2019
CRUNCHERS SANS FRONTIERES is sponsoring THOR Challenge 2019, a team crunching competition to benefit IBM World Community Grid. It will take place...

CMS@Home disruption, Monday 22nd July

17 Jul 2019
I've had the following notice from CERN/CMS IT: >> following the hypervisor reboot campaign, as announced by CERN IT here: https://cern....

Native ATLAS and Theory applications require a CVMFS configuration update

05 Jul 2019
Volunteers running ATLAS native and/or Theory native are kindly asked to update their local CVMFS configuration. Please see the following post for...

Server downtime

26 Jun 2019
Our BOINC servers were unavailable from 13:45 to 15:30 CET this afternoon due to a problem with a shared storage cluster. This explains possible...