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Problem writing CMS job results; please avoid CMS tasks until we find the reason

18 Apr 2019
Since some time last night CMS jobs appear to have problems writing results to CERN storage (DataBridge). It's not affecting BOINC tasks as far as I...

CMS jobs

23 Mar 2019
The batch I submitted last night is now showing on the monitor, so you can resume tasks at will.

Warning: possible shortage of CMS jobs - set No New Tasks as a precaution

23 Mar 2019
There was an intervention (i.e. upgrade) yesterday afternoon[1] on the cmsweb-testbed system we use to submit CMS workflows that left things a bit...

Paper about BOINC

06 Mar 2019
A paper about BOINC has been posted on

CERN Open Days 2019

20 Feb 2019
CERN Open Days 2019

BOINC Open Source Project Looking for Experienced Macintosh Developers

14 Feb 2019
The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) system is the software infrastructure used by LHC@home and many other volunteer...

Voice/chat channel for team founders announced

10 Feb 2019
BOINC Founders Club is a meeting place for BOINC team founders, based on the Discord voice/chat system. If you're a team founder, ask to join by...

2019 BOINC Workshop

07 Feb 2019
The 2019 BOINC workshop will be held July 9-12 in Chicago.

Consent required to export statistics

09 Jan 2019
Following the implementation of GDPR compliance with BOINC, user consent is now required to export BOINC statistics from LHC@home to BOINC statistics...