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Here is the news from the Forums -    the latest news and live discussions taking place on the LHC@home BOINC site.

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Web site changes

06 Sep 2018
The BOINC message boards are now in rather than This means, among other things, that when you select a...

THOR Challenge 2018

30 Aug 2018
CRUNCHERS SANS FRONTIERES is sponsoring THOR Challenge 2018, a team crunching competition to benefit IBM World Community Grid. It will take place...

Welcome Distributed Hardware Evolution Project

25 Jul 2018
The Distributed Hardware Evolution Project uses a Genetic Algorithm to synthesise future super-reliable electronics such as those used in autonomous...

Client version 7.12 released

15 Jul 2018
Version 7.12 of the BOINC client has been released. View release notes.

test of SixTrack 5.00.00

27 Jun 2018
Dear all, we are in the process of testing a new sixtrack version, i.e. 5.00.00. This is a true upgrade of the code, which has been re-factored...