CERN Accelerating science

Why we need your help

You may be wondering why an organisation like CERN, which established the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG) to crunch petabytes of physics data, needs volunteer help for computing.

CERN and its global partners constantly strive to maintain enough computing resources to handle all the needs of the scientists using the LHC. But most projects can always benefit from more computing power, to speed up analysis or make more detailed predictions. This is precisely where you can make a big difference.

Physicists trying to improve the way the LHC functions, or examining fundamental questions about the nature of space and time since the beginning of the Universe, will makes lots of refinements to their models, and therefore need to subject the revised models to barrages of tests against measured data thousands and thousands of times. It's incredibly computationally intensive.

So quite simply, with the help of volunteers like you, we can greatly extend the research that scientists using the LHC can do. By harnessing the power of thousands of desktop and laptop computers, we can tap into massive computing resources which enhance accelerator designs and test theoretical models. It is also a wonderful opportunity for YOU to get directly involved in cutting edge scientific research with CERN.