Attaching BOINC to the Virtual LHC@Home

Fri, 06/24/2011 - 11:49 — Daniel Lombraña...  (Updated July 2013 for T4T, BS)

After installing VirtualBox and BOINC, you will be ready to attach your BOINC client to the project, but first you need to create an account in the project.

When first launched, the BOINC client will pop-up a window asking for the project URL to attach to.

Copy this URL into the pop-up window, then click "next", and follow the instructions. You will be asked to provide a user name and password to create an account in our system. After creating the your account, your system will be ready to start receiving jobs from CERN for helping different experiments.  (This project was formerly known as "Test4Theory", or T4T.)

For best performance of vLHC@home, we recommend you change your BOINC client preferences using your BOINC Manager as follows: 

1. Under the Preferences Tab "processor usage", in the line "While processor usage is less than X percent (0 means no restriction)", set the box X to 0 (zero). The BOINC default for X is 25% which causes frequent pausing/resuming of the VirtualBox process.

2. Under "Use at most X % CPU time", set the box X to 100 %. The BOINC default is 60% which can also cause pausing/resuming as above.

BOINC Network preferences to suspend and resume work should now work properly The transfer at most feature of BOINC is overriden by the virtual machine, downloading jobs and uploading results when needed, not following the BOINC preferences. If you have a limit imposed in your bandwith by your ISP, please take into account that your BOINC Network preferences will be overriden by this project.

If you have other problems please look at the Help and Support information.