Installing BOINC in GNU/Linux

In GNU/Linux systems there are two possible ways of installing BOINC:

  1. Using the distribution packaging system (apt-get, yum, conary, etc.), or
  2. Using the self BOINC installer provided by the official BOINC team.

The first solution could be the easiest one, however, before installing it via this way, double check that the version that you are going to install is >= 7.0. If your distribution only has version 6, then, you should use the second method.

If you do not know which is the best method for you, we recommend you to use the second method.

In order to use the second method, go to the BOINC download link on the official BOINC site and download the installer, which has a name of the form "". This is an auto self-extracting file, that has to be installed as follows:

  1. The file needs to be run, so you first need to give it execution permissions (by default it is a non-executable file).
  2. Then you will be able to double-click it, or run it from a command line as (./
  3. After running this application you will see a new BOINC folder, where you can run the client by double-clicking in the boincmgr command.
  4. Attach your computer to the project!