Installing BOINC in Windows

If you have correctly installed the VirtualBox software, then if you already have a BOINC client for Windows installed you can skip to step 3.

Otherwise you are ready to install BOINC for your Windows box. The installation process for BOINC in Windows is very simple:

  1. Download the BOINC client installer from the official BOINC download link
  2. Double-click in the installer, and follow the instructions without modifying the default options.

NOTE:  On all Windows machines BOINC should be installed with Protected Application Execution disabled.

     3.  Attach your BOINC client to the project.

NOTE:  New T4T-volunteers already using BOINC should check whether BOINC is running as a service and if so re-install BOINC with PAE disabled.

BOINC must not be installed as a service on Windows because this project uses Virtual Machines. When BOINC is installed as a service it runs as an unprivileged user and cannot run any virtual machines.