Meet the team

Fri, 08/12/2011 - 13:35 — Daniel Lombraña...  (updated July 2013, BS)

Artem Harutyunyan (until summer 2012)

CERN - CernVM project (PH/SFT)

CernVM support, CernVM Co-Pilot Architect and Developer

Anton Karneyeu

CERN - LHC Physics Center

vLHCathome - Scientific Software Architect and Developer


Daniel Lombraña González

Citizen Cyberscience Centre

LHC@home 2.0 BOINC-CernVM Wrapper Chief Developer

Principal BOINC-T4T Manager until end 2012

Ben Segal


LHC@home 2.0 Founder and Technical Coordinator


Peter Skands

CERN - Theoretical Physics / LHC Physics Center

vLHCathome Science Project Leader



Students and Interns

Ben Page

CERN - LHC Physics Center Summer Student 2011

vLHCathome Stage Two Development




August Roos

CERN - Intern 2011

vLHCathome Stage Three Development








In addition to LHC@home 2.0, CernVM, BOINC, VirtualBox, and (virtual) Scientific Linux, the simulation package in the vLHCathome project is based on the RIVET analysis tool and includes the following high-energy physics event generators: ALPGEN, HERWIG++, PYTHIA, SHERPA, VINCIA.