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BOINC:FAST2015 conference proceedings available

Wed, 10/07/2015 - 23:02
The BOINC:FAST 2015 conference was held 14-18 Sept. at the Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences. Slides are available online.
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Welcome SRBase

Wed, 10/07/2015 - 22:57
SRBase is a mathematical research project trying to solve Sierpinski / Riesel Bases up to 1030.
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BOINC wallpaper

Sat, 09/26/2015 - 08:30
A BOINC wallpaper image created by Francois Normandin:

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BOINC on reddit

Thu, 09/24/2015 - 00:33
Check out the BOINC subreddit, which aggregates BOINC news from various sources.
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Tell the White House about BOINC

Tue, 09/15/2015 - 22:44
The White House is staging a webcast forum on citizen science on Sept. 30. Let's make sure that BOINC and volunteer computing are represented in this event! Please tell the White House about your experience with volunteer computing, and why it's important.
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New version of Linux monitor/control script released

Tue, 09/15/2015 - 21:53
An improved version of the BOINC bash script add-on is available.
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Motherboard article on volunteer computing

Tue, 09/08/2015 - 07:15
An article about volunteer computing and BOINC appeared in the tech news web site Motherboard.
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BOINC 7.6.9 release for Windows and Mac

Tue, 09/01/2015 - 04:28
A new version of BOINC is ready for public use. You can download it here. See the release notes and version history for details.
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BOINC 7.6 released for Windows and Mac

Mon, 08/24/2015 - 06:55
A new version of BOINC is ready for public use. You can download it here. See the release notes and version history for details.
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Einstein@Home discovers elusive gamma ray pulsar

Wed, 08/19/2015 - 01:24
The Einstein@Home project announced the discovery of a new gamma-ray pulsar in data from the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope.
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Server outage

Mon, 08/17/2015 - 21:10
Due to network maintenance, the BOINC web site will be offline from 17:00 Pacific time today (17 Aug) until tomorrow morning.
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Vote for WCG entry for SXSW 2016

Fri, 08/14/2015 - 22:56
Help spread the word about volunteer computing - vote for IBM World Community Grid's bid to make a presentation of the SXSW 2016 conference.
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Add-on Linux screensaver released

Tue, 07/28/2015 - 09:40
Diet BOINC is a no-graphics, lightweight XScreenSaver compatible alternative BOINC screen saver, developed by P.K. Carlisle. It avoids libraries not included with default Linux or Python.
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BOINC 7.4.42 released for Windows and Mac

Mon, 07/27/2015 - 20:38

I have been running the 7.4.42 version on Yosemite (10.10.3) without issue until the past two weeks.

With Apple's latest update of 10.10.4, I have seen my boot ups hang once again on a percentage of the Late-2013 iMacs. (12 computers out of 38 in the lab).

On the older Late-2011 iMac Models running this version of BOINC, I get kernel panics which force a reboot and then once again hang before getting to the login screen. This is on 100% of the 10 iMacs in this particular lab.

I have sent these kernel crash reports, which clearly list BOINC as the offending process, to Apple and will be opening a formal bug report with them also.

If there are any logs that you would like to see, let me know and I will forward them to you.

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CNET article on volunteer computing

Mon, 07/20/2015 - 09:34
Check out Save the world using your PC or phone, an article on about volunteer computing with BOINC.
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WCG research result announced

Thu, 07/09/2015 - 22:59
An important research result from World Community Grid's Computing for Clean Water project was announced in a paper in Nature Nanotechnology.
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New governance model

Fri, 07/03/2015 - 19:39
The BOINC project has transitioned to a community-based governance model. This model is summarized here and described in detail here.
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