CERN Accelerating science


All LHC@Home projects centre around the engineering and the physics of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland.

Volunteer computing with us allows you to get involved with LHC physics without actually having to be a physicist. Of course, we can explain the really deep physics to you... or if you prefer to keep it light and just enjoy the fact you can contribute and may even be cited in a paper for your help... we'd love you to join us with whatever you want contribute!

Whether you choose one or several projects to participate in, your contribution will have a very real impact on calibrating searches for particles, and fine-tuning the machines which will help us make monumental discoveries about the Universe we live in.


"Known" physics and "new" phenomena  - want to create alternative models of the universe?


"b" is for "Beauty" - the gorgeous little particle in antimatter physics.


CMS is on the lookout for completely new, unpredicted phenomena.


Help CERN accelerator engineers to run intensive simulations to check the stability of the twin proton beams circulating in the LHC machine.


Simulate high-energy particle collisions and help tune the theory to the experimental results.